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Triple Moon Dream Catcher with Genuine Crystals



This handmade triple moon dream catcher is 22″ wide and features:

* Smoky Quartz beads
* citrine beads
* Moonstone beads
* yellow jade beads
* sworovski crystals
* Golden seed beads
* Real crystal pendants with metal coatings
* Black, white and gold feathers with lots of glitter

With the feathers, this dream catcher extends to about 24″ in length.

This is a one of a kind dream catcher that will beautifully accent any bedroom. Smoky quartz is a wonderful stone that aids in dreamwork and creative expression, plus provides protection from negative energy. Clear quartz is an excellent cleansing stone that is thought to clear negative energies. Woven between these stones is citrine and moonstone. Citrine is often seen as a symbol of abundance and is another stone that aide in dreamwork and provides protection. Moonstone is often related to love and fertility and is excellent in enhancing beneficial dreams. The combination of these stones in the triple moon dream catcher could greatly enhance dreamwork and bring protection from harmful dreams, plus they sparkle brilliantly in the sun. To re-energize the crystals, all you need is to leave it out under the moonlight.

Additional information


black, gold, white


agate, citrine, clear quartz, moonstone, smoky quartz, yellow jade


24"L x 22"W


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