Terms & Conditions

I require references for all my commissions, whether it’s of your character or pet. I am able to do some changes/adjustments, but please make this clear when ordering. Please do not request art in style of other given artists.

It is your responsibility to pass me information in understandable form. I will not be responsible for mistakes made due to lack of proper language communication on client’s side. Make sure your reference pictures are up to date and correct. I will not take responsibilities for sudden design changes at your end. I will be only working with materials provided before I start the artwork. Any desired changes to character design on picture that is already in progress must be discussed. Changes may not be doable if color has already been applied. Colored pencil can be lightened, but never erased completely.

I am reserving rights to terminate order request at any time without given reason.

Work, Turnaround, Works in Progress, Revisions:

Please respect I have my own working hours and I won’t be sharing my schedules. It is only natural that I will post personal artworks and other art during time when your ordered commission is in progress as well. It doesn’t mean that I’m not working on it. Orders are typically worked on in a fist come- first serve process. However, simpler commissions may be finished before more complex ones, even if ordered first. WIPs or sketch stages are not provided for simple, single-sitting artworks such as sketches or small colored head shots. Otherwise, WIPs are sent regularly, including a sketch approval. Revisions can only be made in areas that have not received color, due to the nature of the media. I will discuss turnaround times with you on an individual basis. Turnaround itself depends on type of commission, complexity, size and every detail. I will not change initial idea if picture is in progress. This means I will not start from scratch with different scene, concept, character, mood, etc than we first agreed upon. If you are unsatisfied with final picture, please message me and I will see what I can do to help remedy the situation.


For crochet commissions, I will first need to know what pattern you would like completed. The pattern must state that items made from the pattern may be sold. For clothing items with multiple sizes available, I may need your measurements. Once the pattern and size (if applicable) are agreed one, then I will send you some yarn options based on the pattern requirements. Please keep in mind I do not keep all kinds of yarn in stock and may need to order or purchase yarn for your project, in which case I will start your project once I get all the necessary yarn and supplies. Any timelines given are estimates and subject to change at any time.

Subjects of Matter:

I am willing to draw:

  • Any animals, though I specialize in equines and dinosaurs
  • Fantasy and mythological creatures

I will not draw:

  • Humans/humanoids/furry
  • Porn/ NSFW
  • Hate art
  • Fan art without written permission of character owner
  • Copyrighted characters without written permission of copyright owner

Crochet Patterns:

  • I will try any level of crochet pattern!

If you are up for something unlisted, don’t be afraid to ask. It’s impossible to list every available theme/idea/detail.

Once again – I reserve the right to terminate order request with no explanation.

Please do not upload full-sized files to your galleries. Uploading and sharing them openly without purchasing license to given artwork will result in DMCA Take down Notice.

Payment, Refunds, & Cancellations:

Payment for art commissions is due upfront, after I have accepted your commission. I require a non-refundable down payment for materials for crochet commissions. This amount will be part of the final price. Payment for crochet commissions is due before I ship the item. You have the option paying through Paypal, Venmo, or credit card via Square. In all cases, I will send you an invoice to the email/account of preference. Failure to pay for your completed crochet project by the invoice due date will result in your forfeiting the commission and it will be added to my shop for general sale and you will be banned from future commissions.


Full refunds for art commissions are only available if artwork wasn’t started. After starting your order – I don’t offer full refunds. Refund will be issued individually and partially – according to completion progress. However please be responsible with your orders. If I will be forced to cancel your order due my fault [ex. extreme, unpredictable life situations] – I will provide full refund regardless to stage of work unless discussed and requested otherwise. I will not do refunds once artwork is complete. If you are not satisfied with outcome or mistakes are made, please read paragraph with revisions. Any attempts of disrespecting or insulting me will result in partial refund proportional to progress made, and instant farewell regardless of stage your commission is in. In case of completed artworks contact will be ceased without refunds.

Finished Artwork and Copyright

I keep rights to created artworks, unless discussed otherwise before initial quote was made. I do not claim any rights to characters and other intellectual properties that were not created by me and used in process of creation. I reserve rights to use created commissions for advertisement of my own business [commission examples, business cards, folios, banners] without visible credit to character owners. You are welcome to re-post and share “upload”/”sharing” version with watermark of your commissioned work as long as you are not claiming to be original author of it and credit me for the piece. Feel free to use it as wallpapers, icons, banners and any other non-commercial forms! You are not allowed to sell any parts, whole artworks, or prints. You are not allowed to publish full resolution of image. My work is never allowed to be used in anyway for NFTs or AI art!

By making payment you agree to these terms