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Witchcraftsy is created by the artist Rebecca McIntyre, who specializes in traditional art and crochet. She offers customized art and crochet, as well as prints and original artworks.

Whimsical Art and Creative Decorations

Traditional Drawings & Paintings

I use colored pencils and watercolor pencils to create artwork of a variety of creatures, most often horses or dinosaurs. Each character in my art has their own unique story and combine elements of the natural world with their own magical worlds.


I can make a project from just about any crochet pattern including hats, shawls, coats, and stuffed animals. In my shop you will find some unique crochet items with bright, colorful yarn. I can customize all of these items via commissions!

Other Decor

In addition to the traditional art and crochet, I also create dream catchers and 3D printed skulls. Each dream catcher is a unique, one of a kind item made using genuine crystals and stones. The 3D printed skulls are all hand painted with a variety of designs.

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