We’re quickly headed into Summer already! The Shasta Fair was so much fun! This month’s shop update will be smaller because we sold out of many of our products, but don’t worry, more is on the way. I created a mini portrait, a fairy ghost, a large orange bat, a watercolor illustration

This past month I completed a mini portrait and a watercolor illustration! The mini portrait features my character Pere Tout-Voyant. He’s a fairly new character to me since I really haven’t done much with him yet, I just really love his design. I think he would be a very calm and wise character. The kind who knows 1,000,000 ways to harm others, but probably won’t. He just knows from being a curious, well-read sort.

The watercolor illustration was for the March/April Quirlicorn joust featuring my character Ezhil (Brown/white) vs. Bay’s character Chrexius (Blue/purple/green). Both of these guys would be down for a friendly spar and I figured a dino quirly, especially one such as Ezhil, would likely fight with had head down, pointing his horns a crest towards his opponent, while his opponent would likely have to use agility to get around him, especially since neither of these guys have magic yet. It was a really fun dynamic to explore!

For crochet, I finished a fairy ghost plush and a large orange bat. The jumbo bat found a loving new home at Shasta, but the fairy ghost is still looking for one! The fairy is now available in the shop.

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