This month I’ve been very busy preparing for this new year, including looking for events to participate in, and working hard on commissions and new products! I’ve been making great progress towards my large coaster order by completing a beautifully detailed set of 4 poinsettia coasters and a super cute set of 4 peppermint coasters. I also crocheted a few plushies that were either gifts or commissions. The purple and black velvet Baphomet and little white owl were both gifts for very close friends of mine and the little black bat was a quick commission.

I also got a couple traditional pieces done as well! First is a miniature portrait of a personal character of mine called Blair. He’s a super cute buckskin tobiano horse! Second was a 9″x12″ watercolor portrait for a secret Santa event for Gold of their character Mordreaux. I was really inspired by this character’s lovely golden horns and wanted to draw him with some golden, holiday florals to accentuate his earthy tones.

Lastly we have our newest set of zodiac themed skulls! This set is all centered around Gemini with animals and crystals representative of the sign. The three animals and crystals for this set are a deer skull with a stunning citirine crystal, a baboon skull with a lovely aquamarine, and a fox with a gorgeous, dark purple flourite. These will be available in the shop this month!

Commission Status:

The current availability is as follows:

Art Commission Slots:

  1. OPEN

Crochet Commission Slots:

  1. Cici – 56 various holiday coasters (48/56 complete)
  2. Mimi – pink owl


  1. Shannon – 2 orcas
  2. Chelsie – flower coasters

3D Print Commission Slots:

  1. Tom – life size wolf skull

When you join the wait-list, you secure your position for future commissions without needing to make any upfront payment. Rest assured, your name will be added to a list and you will be notified once the commissions become available. For detailed information about my commission offerings, please visit

Please feel free to contact me via email or message me on Discord to discuss commission options. I am confident in my ability to provide you with the information and assistance you need. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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  • May 25-26 – Shasta Renaissance and Fantasy Fair! Tickets available soon!

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This month’s completed works: