Spring is almost here and so is the first fair of the season happening in a week! This month I completed a few crochet items including a set of 8 sunflower coasters, a set of 8 leaf coasters, and a pink owl. All of these items were made for my lovely clients!

I completed a couple traditional pieces as well! First is a miniature portrait of a personal character of mine called Zugeitsu. He’s a buckskin horse with gorgeous purple antlers and a super curly neck mane. His antlers were a bit tricky at this angle, but I love the results. Second was another mini watercolor portrait of a new personal character named Sol. The sunset tones on this character were an absolute blast to draw!.

Lastly I completed this stunning wolf skull replica. This piece is a 3D printed skull, measuring at approximately 11″ long. I then painted all of the details on it to give it’s aged/realistic look. This one was another commission piece and delivered so a very happy client!

Commission Status: Commissions are now closed for the fair season! They will likely re-open in November 2024. Wait-listed clients will receive first notification of openings.

The current availability is as follows:

Art Commission Slots:


Crochet Commission Slots:



  1. Chelsie – flower coasters

3D Print Commission Slots:


When you join the wait-list, you secure your position for future commissions without needing to make any upfront payment. Rest assured, your name will be added to a list and you will be notified once the commissions become available. For detailed information about my commission offerings, please visit https://witchcraftsy.art/commissions/.

Please feel free to contact me via email or message me on Discord to discuss commission options. I am confident in my ability to provide you with the information and assistance you need. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Discord – https://discord.gg/QTXG5StKyZ

Upcoming and past shows:

  • March 8-10 – Calaveras Celtic Fair in one week! Get tickets HERE
  • May 25-26 – Shasta Renaissance and Fantasy Fair! Tickets available soon!

The shop is currently closed in preparation for the fair, but keep an eye out for April updates! – https://witchcraftsy.art/shop/

This month’s completed works: