Spring is officially here and I’ve already attended 2 wonderful events! It’s been a great start to the year. This month I have a lot of new items for you guys, including a large shop update!

Since the last update, i crocheted an Asteria wall hanging and a Bone Daddy Hood. I’m really pleased with both of these projects! The Asteria is attached to an 18″ hoop, making it a perfect display piece. It’s made with a stunning Italian yarn that’s a 50/50 wool/nylon mix. The colors used remind me of Autumn and old stained glass. Secondly, the Bone Daddy Hood was a super fun project using the pattern from the Twisted Hatter. This oversized hood would be so much fun to wear during fall and winter months (even though it’s Spring already , but shh). Both of these items are now available on the shop!

Additionally we created 4 hand painted 3D printed skulls, all with Celtic themes. Most of these skulls belong to animals that were considered very important in either Celtic lore or culture including the wolf, boar, and beaver. The exception to this is the moose skull, who I just thought would look rather handsome with Celtic knotwork, as do the other 3. The moose and wolf skulls are now available in the shop!

New this month we have 16 snakeskin shed pendants! These are all made using genuine snakeskin shed from ball pythons and corn snakes. These are not listed in the shop yet, but will be soon! Come see me at the Shasta County Ren Fair to find them in person!

Lastly, I finished a colored pencil illustration of my character Evaline. Despite writing a few short stories about her, this is the first time I’ve drawn her! She is a very happy-go-lucky sort who takes pride in her role as a messenger in the Quirliverse. Though her favorite past time is bothering her friend Epaphroditos. The original is currently available, with stickers and prints to follow soon!

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Commission Status: Commissions are now closed for the fair season! They will likely re-open in November 2024. Wait-listed clients will receive first notification of openings.

The current availability is as follows:

Art Commission Slots:


Crochet Commission Slots:



  1. Chelsie – flower coasters
  2. Sharon – Orcas
  3. Rosie – Spiderweb coat

3D Print Commission Slots:


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  • May 25-26 – Shasta Renaissance and Fantasy Fair! Tickets available HERE!
  • August 10-11 – Midsummer Fantasy Fair!
  • October 26-27 – All Hallows Faire!

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